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Welcome to the TheraPhysical

Join us on our mission to inspire & enable people to live life to the fullest!

TheraPhysical is a thriving outpatient physical therapy practice located in Northern NJ.

Active for over nine years, we are owned and operated by a licensed physical therapist. We believe in and offer a high quality of care with a focus on patient wellness. We foster a supportive and collegial environment to offer exceptional care to our patients.

Enthusiasm and a continued learning are important qualities we are looking for!


We see a variety of patients with post-operative and sports related injuries, vestibular disorders, women's health, women's health/pelvic floor disfunction. 


Currently, we have operations in Lyndhurst, Garfield and Wallington, and Woodland Park, NJ: all easily accessible from major highways or public transportation.


Both new grads and experienced professionals are encouraged to apply.


Occupational Therapist


Physical Therapist

TheraPhysical Welcomes Everyone

At TheraPhysical, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where every individual, regardless of their unique background, preferences, or beliefs, finds a place to thrive. We believe that when everyone's voice is heard, we create a resilient and vibrant community that propels us to new heights.


This is why 'I Belong' is not just a value but the essence of our identity at Theraphysical.

Discover the richness of our team's values and experience the vibrant culture that defines life at TheraPhysical.

Physical Therapy Session
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