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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) is a healthcare profession that focuses on helping individuals of all ages develop or regain the skills needed for everyday activities or "occupations." These occupations can include various activities necessary for daily living, work, leisure, and social participation.


Our occupational therapists use a client-centered approach, working closely with individuals to understand their specific goals and needs. We design personalized treatment plans that may include exercises, adaptive equipment, environmental modifications, and cognitive training to help their clients achieve greater independence and quality of life.

Our Occupational Therapy Services

TheraPhysical offers leading occupational therapy services with a comprehensive scope, tailored to regional, national, and industry-specific requirements. Our specialized industrial rehabilitation solutions provide innovative and cost-effective prevention and treatment for work-related injuries. As a trusted provider with direct access to the largest employer in outpatient physical therapy, we bring unparalleled expertise in the field of industrial rehabilitation.


At TheraPhysical, our mission is to deliver high-quality and cost-effective rehabilitative outcomes for our workers' compensation clientele. Our commitment is to provide consistent, top-tier services that align with the needs and expectations of both our clients and their injured workers. We achieve this by collaborating with evidence-based, outcome-focused providers in the management of injured workers.


 At TheraPhysical, we treat a variety of conditions. These conditions include: 

  • Upper extremity injuries

  • Hand and wrist conditions

  • Arthritis

  • Neurological disorders affecting fine motor skills

  • Developmental delays

  • Sensory processing disorders

  • Traumatic injuries

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Chronic pain conditions

  • Work-related injuries

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