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In preparation for your first appointment  print the Patient Forms 


Complete the forms at your convenience, and remember to bring them with you to your first scheduled visit. 

Along with these forms, you should also bring:

  • Your Physical Therapy prescription, if applicable

  • Your insurance card or case number 

  • Any relevant diagnostic reports you may have such as X-ray or MRI)




The first visit is a beginning for you on your road to recovery. We will develop a rehabilitation plan of care.   The rehabilitation plan will include at-home exercises to complement your overall program.  

Our goal is to have every patient to feeling better at the end of each visit.  We believe every minute counts as we stretch, strength train, and perform manual therapy techniques one on one.  

When all of our treatment goals have been achieved, we will create a maintenance program that you complete at home, tailored to your specific needs, activities, and lifestyle so that you may maintain optimal function and keep yourself in good health.



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