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Visit at Pelvic Floor Therapy

So, in the first part of the blog post, we talked about why our pelvic floor muscles can weaken. Today, we want to discuss what urogynecological therapy looks like.


You don't have to prepare specifically for a physical therapy visit. We recommend wearing something comfortable. You can also bring your medical history which can help diagnose the cause.

So there are many different ways to work with pelvic floor muscles. Usually, main goal during visit at physical therapy is strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes it is also necessary to release tension from that area. Physical therapists will adjust treatment to make it the most effective. It can be a perineal massage or trigger point therapy. Sometimes it can also be a kegels exercise.

We know that it can be hard to understand the whole process, so everything will be shown in the anatomy model. All questions are also very welcome.

During physical therapy, pregnant women can also learn techniques of relaxation needed during childbirth.

reminder that you don't have to live with pelvic floor problems

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