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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Lately, it is believed that connecting exercise routines with physical therapy gives great results.

Outdoor activities like walking, hiking or cycling can be an effective addition to traditional therapy. Doing sport on a daily basis can result in better physical and mental health.


1. Reducing inflammation

Recent studies have found that just one 20-minute exercise session helps boost the immune system, having an anti-inflammatory response on cells.

The most effective ways to reduce inflammation are: walking and yoga. Both of these exercises are pretty accessible for everyone.

Yoga can be done everywhere. Many people appreciate the sense of community that comes with taking classes at a nearby studio. In the beginning, we recommend gentle yoga flow.


2. Minimizing muscular atrophy.

Muscle atrophy is a medical term for losing muscle mass. Muscle atrophy can occur due to malnutrition and a lack of physical activity .

An exercise program may help treat muscle atrophy. Exercises may include ones done in a swimming pool to reduce the muscle workload.


3. Stimulating circulation

Maintaining optimal health requires proper circulation. It guarantees that blood and oxygen are continuously circulating throughout the body, enabling each organ to perform as intended.

It also maintains the health of your heart, preventing hypertension and atherosclerosis.


4. Increasing bone mass

Losing bone mass affects 1 in 3 women in the age >45. Combining exercising with proper nutrition can prevent abnormal loss of bone tissue. You can also supplement collagen for joints and skin.

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