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Shoulder strong: rise above the strain

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

In TheraPhysical offices, there are a lot of cases associated with shoulder injuries. Shoulder problems can have many different reasons, but one thing connects almost all of them- pain.

Today, we will take a look at some of the most popular shoulder injuries.

The first big problem is the rotator cuff. It is a group of 4 muscles that help you rotate and raise the arm. These muscles can get damaged in chronic degenerative processes, but also in a single accident.

Symptoms: dull aches deep in the shoulder and arm weakness. There’s typically some loss of motion. If the tendon has ruptured, you may not be able to raise the arm at all. It may be hard to sleep in any position.

You can also experience shoulder impingement syndrome.It happens when tissues inside the shoulder impingement on each other.

How to differentiate it from other shoulder conditions? The common symptom is pain during rolling over to the other side at night. Sometimes it also correlates with neck pain.

Physical therapy also treats something called a “frozen shoulder”. It is pain and stiffness that usually rises during the night. It is commonly associated with thyroid problems, diabetes, or Parkinson’s disease. Without any treatment, the condition gradually worsens. Due to physical therapy, it is possible to lessen the pain and expand mobility in the joint.

How can we help?

The treatment will be custom-designed to help you recover from your injury and regain your mobility. After diagnosing the exact source of the problem, physical therapists implement strengthening exercises and hand-on therapy. It is also common to do ice and heat therapy. Physical therapy 'sooner rather than later' can prevent your injury from getting worse.

kind of physical therapy treatments for shoulder

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