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Unusual facts about sciatica

So in today's blog post, we would like to talk about sciatica, but with more unique information. Maybe you have already basic knowledge about sciatica but want to know more. Here you are!

  1. The majority of risk factors for sciatica were related to an unhealthy lifestyle. They are modifiable. That means you could modify their impact on the disease by changing your daily habits.

  2. Smoking cessation could lead to a 40% prevention success rate, while most smokers had more severe sciatica symptoms.

  3. Exercise therapy is advised in patients with problems that have lasted longer than six to eight weeks and have not improved during these weeks.

  4. Both sexes can get sciatica and its incidence peaks in the fourth decade of age. It rarely develops before the age of 20 unless it is a complication of trauma.

*this information is taken from a scientific article published in 2022, to read more:


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